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#FollowFriday (or #FF) is a way of recommending interesting and/or helpful people on Twitter to your followers. For more information on using #FollowFriday well see @SLPTanya‘s excellent blog. I find Twitter really valuable and struggle to narrow down my recommendations to just a handful each week, risking cluttering up everyone’s timelines! So I’ve had a browse through my favourites and have come up with a list of those Twitter accounts that I most often save tweets from. I’ve also included links to their websites for those readers who aren’t Twitter users.

So for really useful audiology content (in no particular order) here are my #FollowFriday’s:

For wonderful #AudPeeps (audiologists and other professionals interested in hearing care) who are always happy to tweet/chat my #FollowFriday’s are:

Today marks @KidsAudiologist‘s first anniversary using Twitter (I’m not sad enough to mark this in my calendar – some app reminded me – honest!) It’s been an interesting and enlightening year, and I have thoroughly enjoyed it!

When I first had a look at what it was all about I was fortunate to stumble across an expert in @SLPTanya and can highly recommend her fantastic blog on using Twitter as a professional resource in the field of Speech and Language practice. I soon found out that the SLTs (in the UK) and the SLPs (all around the rest of the world) were very actively using Twitter including their professional organisations such as @CASLPA and @RCSLT. The SLT/SLPs are using Twitter to ask questions of the wider S&L community, share resources and hold regular Twitter ‘chats’ (@SLPChat) on specific topics.

If you look for them you will also find a large number of audiologists, mostly from the USA but a few in the UK, who are also using Twitter. The community was much smaller and much less engaged. I suspect that there are many who are lurking and reading Twitter a lot, there are also some who primarily use Twitter to broadcast information or advertise their private practices, but mostly they aren’t chatting much. In my specialism of paediatrics there are a tiny number of Twitter users. But throughout the year I have had some chats with fellow #AudPeeps and it’s definitely growing. The small number that are using Twitter are becoming more engaged.

Once I decided to get started I had two goals. I loved the idea of developing a Personal Learning Network  that the SLT/SLPs were modelling so well. For a first year I have been amazed at just how much I have learned. It is a fabulous forum for sharing links to interesting research and on a few occassions I’ve received really helpful responses to random audiological questions. It’s also an amazing tool for interacting with conferences going on across the globe that I’d never get the opportunity to actually attend (an example of a tweet story compiling conference tweets after the event so that they can be kept include CASLPA 2011 and a collection of ones’s I’ve tweeted from this year). My second goal was to see if it would be a useful forum for sharing and getting others involved in my NDCS work. I think the answer to that one is possibly but is not being used to it’s full potential yet. It’s enabled me to link up with other organisations and build contacts – things we could have done in other ways but seem to have worked very effectively through Twitter. However, I have been surprised at the wider community that have become my followers and this includes lots of parents of deaf children. And this group has actively used Twitter to contact one another and to ask questions. So although unexpected early on, I’ve been really pleased to get this opportunity to chat with families about their experiences and help when I can.

Thanks to all my followers (686 at latest look). I am looking forward to the next year and seeing how use of the forum evolves. Tweet me!

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