KidsAudiologist is responsible for writing or commissioning and editing the NDCS information resources about the ear, hearing and deafness, hearing tests and hearing instruments that can be found here. She is also responsible for the NDCS Quality Standards documents in bone-anchored hearing aids, cochlear implants, vision care, and transition between children’s and adults audiology services that can all be downloaded free of charge.

The numbers game (BATOD Magazine, September 2009)

Telecoils – making hearing aids cool for kids? (Audio Infos, Mar 2013)

When parents are told their child is deaf (NDCS Connect magazine, Winter 2015)


KidsAudiologist also wrote content, or provided information and guidance to the authors of the following:

Guidance on Shared Care of Children and Young People Using Audiology Services (British Academy of Audiology, Nov 2017)

National Commissioning Framework for Hearing Loss Services and the model service specification, outcome measures for children plus service performance outcomes, for commissioners of paediatric audiology services (NHS England, July 2016)

Counting the cost of meningitis – A severe case of bacterial meningitis (Meningitis Research Foundation, May 2011)

Transforming services for children with hearing difficulty and their families a good practice guide  (DH, 2008)

Children’s Audiology Services (RCPCH, 2004)

Phonak UK APD/Edulink Round Table (June 2004)

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