KidsAudiologist in the media


Advised on deaf characters and scripts for Eastenders, Emmerdale, Holby City, Hollyoaks, and Rocket’s Island.


Talk to a community advisor (Ask an Audiologist) (Netbuddy, 2011 – 2014, Scope, 2014 –  )

Ask the experts with National Deaf Children’s Society (NetMums, 21st October 2011)


We ask our audiologist Vicki what to do if you suspect your child has a problem hearing (NDCS, January 2012)

We ask our audiologist questions about a common childhood illness called glue ear (NDCS, January 2012)


How to manage the whistling in your child’s hearing aids (NDCS, April 2012)

How to use your hearing aid care kit (NDCS, July 2012)

How to change the tubing in your child’s earmoulds (NDCS, July 2012)

NDCS blog

The impact of mild and moderate deafness in the classroom (May 2015)

Disability Matters – e-Learning to inform and inspire! (February 2015)

10 questions parents ask NDCS about audiology services (June 2014)

11 things you didn’t know about childhood deafness (May 2014)

Online articles

Day in the life of… How I support families coming to terms with being told their child is deaf (Guardian Healthcare Network, 22nd May 2015)

A guide to… glue ear (Nursery World, 8th March 2015)

Choosing the right school for your child with a hearing loss – the National Deaf Children’s Society answers all your worries about finding a school, teachers and educational support if your child is deaf (MadeForMums, 19th January 2012)

‘Glue ear’ treatment could see ‘end to grommet surgery’ (BBC News, 21st October 2011)

Heading to a festival with your baby – health and safety advice to make your baby’s first festival experience a happy and safe one (MadeForMums, 1st June 2011)

Audiologist issues misdiagnosis warning (Mediplacements, 18th November 2008)

Glue ear (TheBabyWebsite, November 2006)

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