Whistling hearing aids

Posted on: May 26, 2012

Every parent of a child who wears hearing aids will have been driven a bit loopy by a high-pitched whistling noise coming from the aids every now and again (and sometimes more frequently than that!) This whistling happens when sound leaks out of the ear and re-enters the hearing aid’s microphone creating a feedback loop. So it’s not surprising that when NDCS asked parents what information they wanted for a new information video they voted for ‘How to manage the whistling in your child’s hearing aids’.

Lots of people have watched the video in the last month and we really need your feedback on it so that we can use it to decide whether we should be developing further information videos, and on what topics, so please do complete the 2 minute online survey afterwards. Thank you!

The good news is that lots of things that cause feedback become less of a problem as children grow up including no longer growing out of their earmoulds every month. Which is a big relief for the family!

2 Responses to "Whistling hearing aids"

Hi Kidsaudiologist,
This might be off topic, however, My mother would like to buy a cell phone but would need one that has good clarity and you can turn up the volume to hear. She can not wear her hearing aid because anytime you put the phone up to her ear her hearing aid whistles. Please let me know! Thank you!
BTW great blogpost

Hearing aids frequently whistle when you cover the microphone (known as feedback). Some people can get around this by holding the telephone receiver at an angle facing the microphone rather than holding the phone flat to the ear as you would normally. Some people also get on better with a ‘hearing aid compatible mobile phone’ that has features that make it easier for hearing impaired listeners and is less likely to have interference problems. A UK list is available here or a USA list here But if that doesn’t work for her you could try using an assistive device that sends the phones signal via the hearing aids telecoil. This means that you no longer have to hold the phone next to the ear. Have a look at some of the options here

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