Keeping hearing aids on your one year old

Posted on: January 15, 2012

It’s almost a given. Sometime between their first and second birthdays your little one will start a new game with you – how many times can I get mummy or daddy to put my hearing aids back in my ears today (or cochlear implant back on my ear/head)? And they’ll be aiming for what feels like hundreds! Every day!!

First off – try not to worry too much – almost all kids will go through this phase. It’s just the same as the other games they like at this age, like throwing away their favourite toy from the buggy or dropping toys out of the high chair. In these situations we pick them up, say “oopsy, there you go” and smile at them. It’s a fantastic game that draws in mummy or daddy’s attention and they love it! After a few times though we find we have something more pressing to do and we break the cycle. With hearing aids though it’s easy to get very worried or stressed about them needing to keep them in and we keep the game going longer. Check for any physical reasons why your little one might be pulling at their hearing aids, such as any signs of discomfort with their ears. And it’s always advisable to mention changes in behaviour to your audiologist or teacher of the deaf so that they can ensure that the amplification settings of the hearing aids are still correct – too loud and they won’t want them in, too quiet and they won’t be perceiving any difference. But on the whole most children do this because they’re at that stage of development and they do it just because they can!

It can seem a long and frustrating phase (for you) but I promise it will usually pass! In the meantime concentrate on using the hearing aids when you’re together and they are distracted and busy doing something else, such as feeding, playing and reading together. Give yourself a break from them sometimes and put the hearing aids away for a short spell to help break the cycle. If you get more and more stressed by the situation then your little one will pick up on this and in the longer term that’s not positive for either of you, or your relationship with one another, or with the hearing aids. Eventually children will start leaving them alone again as other things become more interesting, and they have greater freedom and access to more exciting things to play with.

For some more tips from parents read the tips section of the NDCS booklet Hearing aids; Information for families. You might also like to try the Parents Place Forum. Type “keeping hearing aids in” in the search box and you’ll find loads of suggestions from other parents.

1 Response to "Keeping hearing aids on your one year old"

Little children are the cutest and, unfortunately, they suffer from problems that adults do as well. Dealing with hearing problems is sad but can be taken care of thankfully! I am sure it is difficult for parents trying to keep the hearing aids on their child! I remember seeing my parents take care of my younger brothers and they could hardly even keep their clothes on them! Just like anything else your child doesn’t want to keep on, you just have to be consistent and keep putting it back on.

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